I am excited to announce that HEY SAV will be partnering with Nextop travel company. Being as spontaneous as I am, I found the perfect company to work along side of.


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Nextop, is a surprise travel company changing the way of spontaneous travel! Their mission is to help you step outside you comfort zone and experience the world in a unfamiliar way.
Sounds like something you have heard , right? Well….
Here’s the catch…you won’t know where you’re going until you leave. Surprise vacations are the most exciting way to travel, but thats not even the best part.When you travel with Nextop, they provide you with a comprehensive list of activities and the top restaurants at your destination.
First Class Seats 
Concerts Tickets,
Museum Admission
Sporting Tickets
…..or even a completely FREE trip.
Nextop doesn’t just sell you a vacation, they give you an unforgettable experience! Visit thier website and see why Nextop is the #1 surprise travel company in the world.