The Ultimate Mykonos Travel Guide

  • Language: The official language is Greek, but English is widely spoken.
  •  Currency: The Euro used as currency (€)
  •  Credit Cards and Banks: Most restaurants and hotels will accept credit/debit cards. Be sure to bring plenty of cash for small purchases and public transportation.
  •  Climate: Heavy winds / warm weather
    Arriving by Air: The airport is located just 15 minutes from downtown Mykonos. There is no public transportation at the airport but a taxi should cost no more than 5-10 euros
    Arriving by Ferry: The journey between Athens and Mykonos takes between 3.5 hours (€54.50/high speed ferry) and 5 hours (€32/economy ferry).

Grab Your ATV

A cheaper option then renting a car, and one I HIGHLY recommend. At ~15-60€, ATVs and Mopeds can be a much more exciting experience. Transportation on the island tends to be a little expensive, but there are alternatives (bus, taxi, asking for a ride). Check out Hercules Car and Bike Rental!


Hit the Beaches

There are countless beaches in Mykonos, so be sure to check out at least these few.

  • Paradise Beach–  A young and friendly party beach. Not exactly for those seeking a quiet day, or a quiet life. The famous Tropicana Beach Bar takes this beach to the next level! The partying starts hours before sunset and go well into the morning.
  • Elia Beach- Beautiful long white sandy beach with crystal-blue water that complements the luxury hotels in this area. You are required to rent two beach chairs and those go for 30 euros, but you have them the entire day. They will not allow you to set down a beach towel on the sand.


Attempt Windsurfing

Korfos Bay is the spot if you are a Kitesurfer


Little Venice

This stretch has seaside restaurants and shops. It tends to be a bit pricy, but you get what you pay for. This is where you will find all of the souvenir shops and a little community of cats and dogs!



The Windmills

Another must see are the windmills of Mykonos. They are one of the most iconic symbols in Mykonos and some date back to the 16th century.


Stroll around Mykonos town

Walk around the winding alleys of Mykonos town and view the white houses, blue doors and windows. Head to the area of Matogiania for chic shops and trendy bars.


Discover the churches in Mykonos

One of the main characteristics of Mykonos is the many churches that can be found throughout the island. The large number of chapels and churches on the island is the result of a Mykonian custom to build one for each family, where the bones of the deceased can be put into the walls.

Church in Mykonos

Grub on That Gyro

  • Fato a Mano: Authentic Italian in the heart of Mykonos.
  • Jimmy’s Gyros: Jimmy’s is an amazing gyro spot in Town Center. OPEN LATE
  • Local: This is a hole in the wall place right off one of the main roads by Elia Beach. It is BOMB and CHEAP. You can get a huge Gyro for around 4 euros.
  • Little Venice: Prices at restaurants in Little Venice can be very high, but the seaside dining and food selection makes it well worth it.  Browse a few menus before deciding on where to have dinner. There are many options.


5 thoughts on “The Ultimate Mykonos Travel Guide

  1. I haven’t been to Mykonos yet but have been to Crete and like yourself, my choice of wheels was an ATV, they are so much fun right?

    As mentioned I would love to visit Mykonos and wondering around those small laneways and lazing on the beach seems perfect right now haha 😀


  2. Such beautiful photos. Love the stark white against the blue tiles and ocean. I have never been on an ATV before. That sounds like a great option as I’d be too sacred to hop on a motorbike! did you feel safe on it and was it easy to get around?


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