How To Survive A Long Haul Flights…. In Economy

Dress Comfortable

I’m not one to care about how I look when I travel…. but if you are ditch the suit and heels and bring a pair of clothes to change into once you board your flight. You will thank me later. Bring socks and a jacket too.. the flights get cold.


Consider A Sleep Aid

As we all know, the seats in economy barely recline which makes it incredibly hard to fall sleep on long flights. Not to mention if you are near the bathroom or have an annoying seat mate, this can make a 11+ hour flight seem like 20 hours. Try to bring along some melatonin tablets to help. You will also want to rest up as much as possible because……JETLAG. So, do yourself a favor and hit some ZZZ’s on the flight!


If you have the $$ to this… I say DO IT. Even a bump up to business class makes a HUGE difference in leg room and how far your seat reclines. Also, if you’re super nice to your flight attendant, they might we willing to give you a free upgrade your flight isn’t full.

Entertain Yourself

Most long haul airlines provide you with many options to keep you from twiddling your thumbs for 15 consecutive hours. Airlines have many movie and gaming options that will typically keep you entertained the whole time. In the off chance movies aren’t your thing, make sure you bring a book or download your favorite podcast.

Bring Your Go-To Items

Neck pillows, eye masks, earplugs, headphones, etc. On these flights your body and brain will thank you for every small comfort you can provide.

Health Is Wealth

Airborne!! A strong immune system is key to ensuring comfortable travel. So prior to your travels make sure you’re taking multi-vitamins and Vitamin C on a regular basis. A healthy immune system will help your body cope with the recycled air and  inevitable sicknesses from other passengers on long haul flights.

Stay Hydrated

It is easy to become dehydrated whilst flying, since you can’t always get a flight attendants attention. I recommend asking the flight attendant for 4-5 bottles of water  as soon as you can. It will avoid having to bother them multiple times later.



Always remember to be kind to your flight attendant. As long as the flight may seem for you, just remember they have to be on their feet working the whole time. Also, being nice to attendants has it’s perks too!



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