Point A-Barcelona: Tips To Find Your Way Around

1. The Metro

TAKE THIS IF YOU CAN! The metro is very easy to navigate and understand. Once you get the hang of it you will save soooo much  time and money. It’s color coordinated and extremely easy to understand. I was only in Barcelona for 2 days, so purchased a 10 stop pass (T-10 €9.95) which got me around the city, and even to the airport.

*I HIGHLY recommend getting a map of the metro system at an info booth (they are big red “i”s and are located throughout the city). These maps literally saved our lives…LITERALLY.

2. Bus

The bus system I didn’t find to be as quick and convenient as the Metro, but it is an alternative form of transportation if you prefer to do that. We ended up getting a hotel that was a little bit outside of the city, so we took a bus to the nearest Metro stop. That was the extent of my experience riding a bus in Barcelona.

3. Taxi

Brush up on your Spanish. The taxi drivers will try to rip you off if they know you’re a tourist. I took a 3 mile taxi ride from the airport to the hotel, and it ended up being €30. Which is over $30 in USD.

4. MyTaxi

It is like the Uber of Europe!! They were constantly doing special rates whenever you’re headed to an airport! (Like 50% off)

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