7 Things To See/Do In Genoa, Italy

The small port city of Genoa is a completely underrated destination. It is often told to be an undiscovered gem of Italy. Below are my top seven recommendations for a visitor who wants to connect with local culture.

1.) Eat calamari in Boccadasse

If you googled Genoa, chances are pictures of Boccadasse popped up. Once a fishing village, this remote cove is full of yellow, orange, and red houses on the sea. Visit for a cozy dinner by the water or in the afternoon to spend a couple of hours in the sun.



2.) Grab a drink and some food at Antica Osteria Dindi

Grab some dinner then head around the corner for some drinks. There is a little bar connected to this restaurant that serves the best mojitos.. if that’s your style. There is also a cool collection of soccer jerseys you can view that were signed by the players!


3.) Piazza De Ferrari

Located in the center of the old town, the Piazza De Ferrari is one of the central points of the city and has an array of many different sights (Palace of the Doges, the Carlo Felice Theatre, and the Palace of the Duke of Galleria).

The main feature is a large ornate fountain. Which creates many symmetrical shapes from the bursts of water throughout the day.



4.) San Lorenzo Cathedral

Commonly known as Genoa Cathedral, the church of San Lorenzo is a historical building that is often overlooked.



5.) Genoa Aquarium

The Genoa Aquarium is a vast array of different marine life including varieties of fish, sharks, dolphins, turtles and Jellyfish.


Skip-the-Line ticket: Aquarium of Genoa Full-Day Entrance Ticket



6.) Passeggiata Anita Garibaldi a Nervi

This is a stretch of paved walkway takes you along the coastline of Genoa. The walkway features a pink cobbled path with a variety of residential buildings, shops and cafes. It makes for a great escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.


7.) Take a train ride to Bogliasco

Bogliasco is a small beach town located about 11 kilometres southeast of Genoa. The train hugs the coastline which makes for a beautiful 20-30 minute commute. This little town is a great way to really dive into true Italian culture. Check out my post The Hidden Gem Of Italy: Bogliasco to discover what to do in this quaint little town. IMG_1679



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