Sink Or Swim: Venice’s [Budget Friendly] Travel Guide

With its historical canals, gondolas, and bridged streets, Venice is considered one of the most romantic and visited cities in the world.  However, the city is quite pricey, especially on the main island. Luckily, Venice can be budget friendly…if you are conscientious of what you spend. But hurry, according to some scientists, the Mediterranean is set to rise over this Floating City as early as 2100.

1.) Visit the Piazza San Marco- [Free]

This is the most famous piazza in Venice. It’s flooded with tourists and pigeons, but despite the crowds, it’s a majestic place.


2.) Take a gondola ride (during the day) [90 EUR]

Gondolas are a staple of Venice, though they are a tourist trap, it’s an experience you MUST have in Venice. If the price seems too high, split with ride others. On average a ride costs 90 EUR during the day, and around 140 EUR at night.


3.) Buy a lot of wine {5 EUR]

You can buy a great bottle of wine in Venice for under 5 EUR (not pictured). Buying your own bottle is a more cost effective way to enjoy it! Go sit on a bridge, sip some wine and watch the gondolas go by.

IMG_1936 (1).jpg

4.) Walk [Free]

Venice is a city built of canals.. which means there are no cars. You do have the option of taking a water taxi, but they are expensive. The city isn’t huge, so you can walk almost anywhere within minutes, and it saves you some money.


5.) View the hands of “Support” [Free]

Located at Venice’s Ca’Sagredo Hotel is “Support”,created by artist Lorenzo Quinn. This pair of 5,000-pound white hands appear to hold up the aged hotel from falling into the water. Symbolizing the threat that climate change has on the city, but also showing the power man has in stopping it.


6.) Visit St. Mark’s Basilica  [3 EUR]

St. Mark’s Basilica is located by the Piazza San Marco. Two other churches resided there prior, the first was to hold the stolen bones of St. Mark. The current one is filled full of majestic mosaics, statues, and the High Altar that’s rumored to have some reminants of the saint.


7.) Visit markets [2-5 EUR]

Venice has amazing markets along the water where you can buy some delicious food. The markets also cost a fraction of the price of eating at restaurants. Head out early to the fish market to watch the restaurant owners and chefs pick out their fresh fish. There are many organic produce market as well. market-3272368__340

8.) Climb the Campanile di San Marco [8 EUR]

This tower is replica of the original Bell Tower of St. Mark. It is said to be an exact in each and every detail when compared to the original. You can climb up through the tower and get an amazing view of the city.


9.) Bridge of Sighs [Free]

This bridge connects the Doge’s Palace with the Prigioni . The canal underneath the bridge is one of the most popular places to kiss in Venice.


10.) Rialto Bridge

Equally as photogenic as any other bridge, the Rialto Bridge is the main pedestrian walkway for the Grand Canal. This is also the bridge you will see on many postcards.


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